About me

Hello. I’m Trina and I’m a 21 year old filmmaking student from Manchester.

What this blog is about:

  • My own personal journey with my mental health and recovery. Some of this blog may be relatable to you. Some of it may not. Either way, this blog aims educate and support those reading and remind those struggling that they are not alone.
  • Opening up a conversation about mental health. It can be hard talking to someone about how you’re feeling, or even working out what’s going on in your head. I’m hoping this blog will help people feel more supported through their own mental health journeys. I also believe that awareness about mental health will help mental health be taken more seriously and help to empower more people to speak up about how they are feeling.
  • Breaking stigma. The stigma surrounding mental health is a problem that does unfortunately cause a lot of harm to those struggling with mental illness. I’m hoping that my blog posts will educate people about what it’s really like living with mental illnesses.

Behind the blog:

I am currently going into my third year of University, studying Filmmaking.

I have loved writing since I was younger, but as I grew up I realised that the only time I seemed to be writing was essays or texts – and that was one of the reasons I started a blog. I found that writing is a good outlet that helps me when I’m feeling down. But I also wanted to help others.

I have struggled with mental health issues for a lot of my life, and it took so long for me to get the courage to speak to someone and get help. I know how tough mental illnesses can be and I want to help people struggling in any way that I can. I’m hoping this blog creates more awareness for mental health.

This blog will mainly feature posts about mental health / recovery / wellness but I will also fit in lifestyle posts too!

If anyone reading my blog is struggling and wants someone to talk to, you can contact me via email or via my contact page, I am always happy to help!

I also have a resources page where I have made a list of websites / apps / helplines that are available for people who are struggling.

Email – tripersyn@icloud.com

Bloglovin – happyandhealing

Instagram – tripersyn