LIFE UPDATE: I’m back!

Hello anyone who still gets notifications when I publish a new blog post and to anyone reading my blog for the first time! It’s been a while.

As in 7 months!

There’s a few reasons I’ve been neglecting blogging recently. One of those is how busy I’ve been with uni and how it is so hard to divide my time well so that I can focus on everything I want to be doing.

But it is summer now and I’ve decided to return to blogging and attempt to be more consistent with my posts, so we’ll see how that goes.

I feel like there’s not too much to update at the moment, I passed my second year at uni so I’ll be going into my third year in September, which is very exciting but also so overwhelming.

I’ve also moved house which I am so happy about. I’m now living with some of my best friends and my room is so much bigger and nicer than last year. And we are paying less which is always good!

I’ve been thinking about new content I want to post on this blog and I’ve decided to include a lot more lifestyle type of posts. But I will still be talking a lot about mental health and advice and all the stuff I used to write about. I just guess it’s a good time to start a sort of new chapter for my blog.

I’ve been debating a bit of a ‘rebrand’ (not that I have a brand, but you get what I mean) which includes thinking of a new URL / name for my blog?? I’m still not sure but let me know what you think.

That’s about everything for now

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