Love Me, Crazy: Book Review

Laura Burton is a 29 year old writer who gave me the honour of reading and reviewing her first fiction novel, “Love Me, Crazy.” In her spare time Laura writes poetry for bereaved families and runs her own blog on daily life and mental health. This novel is a first in a series of “Love Me,” books which I myself am so excited to continue reading! Laura can be found at her blog ‘Laura’s Beautiful World.

She will also be doing a live reading on her Facebook page on Monday 17th December @ Laura’s Beautiful World at 9pm GMT. Make sure you tune in!

When I first started reading Love Me Crazy, I must admit I was a bit apprehensive. I’m not usually fond of romance novels where boy meets girl and they fall in love and ride off into the sunset together after a too perfect series events. Let me tell you one thing. This novel is nothing like that.

The majority of the novel is from the perspective of Audrey or “Dee,” as she tells her soon to be wed daughter about how she met Mr. Right. Not long after starting reading I was hooked and so invested in the story when Dee meets a suspicious yet pleasant reverend, Tom, who soon shows interest in Dee. But some things don’t add up.

As Tom’s stories started to unravel and the plot moves on I was entirely invested in Dee’s life and what turn the story would take next. A reverend, a banker, a loser? Who is Tom and when will Dee find out?  And who is this handsome accountant, Jack, who has started to catch Dee’s eye? 

The story is full of twists and turns and I really can’t give any more away – you’ll have to read it yourself! It is a thrilling tale of three people and two lovers. I don’t want to give too much away but she seamlessly combines the genres of romance, thriller and mystery into what she describes as, “her baby.” – Love Me, Crazy.

Laura is a beautiful writer, her words each having purpose in the story and perfectly creating the world in which her novel resides in. The characters seem real and authentic, with flaws just like everyone in the real world – something I like when reading a book!

I was so happy to find out that Laura was continuing her, “Love Me,” series with a second book due out near Valentines Day. I’ll be counting down the days. It was a pleasure reading Laura’s book and you’re honestly missing out if you don’t have a read yourself! 

Love Me, Crazy is available exclusively on Amazon (kindle or paperback) from 22nd December.  You can pre-order it now!

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