10 facts about me

This blog post is for those who don’t really know me and would like to know a bit about the person behind this blog. This is why I’ve chosen to tell you all 10 facts about me. This is sort of giving me flashbacks to those awkward High School ice breakers where we all had to give a fun fact about ourselves. But I’m gonna try to make this not awkward and more as an insight into my life.

Here it goes…

  1. I am currently in my second year at University, studying filmmaking.
  2. I’m obsessed with Harry Potter
  3. My favourite genre of music is drum n bass
  4. My favourite animal is a giraffe – I have so many giraffe related things from a blanket to a teddy to a onesie and more!
  5. I’m terrified of spiders
  6. I either want to be a writer or a cinematographer in the future – or both!
  7. I love doing makeup – especially eyeshadow looks. I might post some mini tutorials to this blog one day!
  8. I don’t really keep up with any of the soaps apart from Hollyoaks (thanks to my mum)
  9. I currently live in Leeds because of Uni but I’m from Manchester and I miss it a lot – I’ll defo be moving back there when Uni is over.
  10. I really love cooking, I don’t know if I’m any good at it because I only cook for myself but I like it so that’s all that matters, right?
Picture of me being happy!

That was really hard thinking of 10 facts but I did it!

Hope that gives everyone who doesn’t know me a little more about me. Have a lovely week!

I’m nominated for the 2019 UK Blog Awards! You can vote for me here (if you want)

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