Life update: 13th November 2018

Hi everyone! This post is a bit different from my usual posts but I haven’t really been as active on my blog as I would like to be due to various things such as uni work, actual work and low motivation. But I’m starting to manage my time a bit better and should hopefully start blogging more regularly.

So quite a few things are new with me since I last blogged. I’ve been drowning in uni work, which isn’t so new but I am actually really enjoying the workload (what?) because I landed the role of cinematographer on one of my uni course scripts. (I do filmmaking if people didn’t know) This is a really big and important role and I’ve been putting most of my effort into planning the film with my other crew mates. We’re filming early December which is really exciting and I can’t wait to see everything put together.

I also now have a part time job in retail. I’m actually really enjoying it and I am so grateful that I am well enough to work this year. I work weekends so I do have to sort of sacrifice my weekends, but I still manage to do things during the week and I really like having something to do over the weekend that isn’t alcohol related.

I’ve also joined the gym. I’ve not started yet but I’m going to go this week. I’m really nervous because I’m joining on my own and new things make me really anxious but I’ve been wanting to join for a while now so I’m pretty much forcing myself to go. I think I’ll be fine once I get over the initial going for the first time thing? We’ll see!

Hopefully will get back into more of a blogging routine and I might branch out to more lifestyle posts as well.

I’d also really really love to do some posts with other bloggers, so if you’re interested please contact me with a topic idea 🙂

That’s everything I think! Thanks for reading.

Trina x

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