Stigma and Scars

* This post contains the topic of self harm, please do not read if you’re easily triggered by this topic*

This blog post is quite a personal post and it’s taken me a while to want to share this story, however I think a lot of people who self harm, or have self harmed in the past may have faced similar situations where other people have made you feel uncomfortable because of your scars.

I have been struggling with self harm on and off for around 6 years and although it is not something I use to cope with often, I still struggle sometimes when I’m feeling my lowest. It is a hard topic to talk about, even to write about, but I feel like I am ready to share this story.

A couple of months ago me and one of my close friends posted a picture on Instagram and old self harm scars were slightly visible but were not the point or the main thing to the post. We posted the picture because we felt confident and thought we looked good.

Someone decided to state that we were being, “insensitive,” and, “triggering.” When I explained that was not the case and we were just loving our bodies, the person continued to give me abuse for, “glorifying self harm.” The person didn’t even follow me, meaning someone else had sent them that picture. I was first angry and upset, feeling ashamed about my body. I felt that years of finally learning to accept my scars were wasted.

However, I refuse to let someone else make me feel bad about my body. I understand that there has been posts on social media of people glorifying mental illness/self harm, but if the person truly thought I was doing that, then by existing my body must be “glorifying self harm” due to past scars that I can’t magically get rid of.

Yes, I have scars on my body but no, I am not going to cover them and no one else should feel like they have to. Loving your body and accepting that you have scars that won’t go away soon isn’t glorifying self harm at all.

I’ve realised that I am not in the wrong and people shouldn’t feel like they have to hide their scars from anyone. Unfortunately, a lot of us have scars and there’s not a lot we can do about them so the best thing to do is not be ashamed and to find peace in loving your body.

4 thoughts on “Stigma and Scars

  1. Cara says:

    People will always have something to say, but you know what is right inside. Believe in your self and don’t listen to anyone else. The past can’t be changed but the future is up to you. Love you:)’xxx

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