50 Self Care tips

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Sometimes when you’re feeling rubbish it’s hard to even get out of bed and that’s not good because I know I just end up feeling worse for staying in bed and doing nothing. Self care is something that I need to start doing more, because I know a lot of little things can make me feel better, I just need to force myself to have the motivation to do these things.

I’ve decided to compile a list (for both myself and other people) of things you can do to look after yourself when you’re feeling down. Some things require more effort than others and I always find that by doing easier things first (e.g. watching a funny video), it’s easier to move onto more difficult things (e.g. catching up on Uni work)

So here’s the list of things (in no particular order)! Please comment your own ideas too!

  1. Watch a film – even if you’re staying in bed you might as well do something other than scrolling through your phone for hours! Make a list of films that you need to watch or ask a friend for a recommendation.
  2. Make your bed – when you finally do have the effort to get out of bed, tidying it always makes me feel more productive to do other things.
  3. Make some food – I always forget to eat when I feel down but I find cooking really fun and therapeutic. I will probably post some recipes that I like in another blog post, but even making pasta or having some fruit or chocolate is better than nothing at all!
  4. Go for a walk – this is something I struggle with a lot because sometimes I’m too anxious to go outside on my own. But I do think fresh air is really good, even if your walk is just 5 minutes long that’s a start! Also you could see if any of your friends wanted to join you.
  5. Write! – Some people don’t enjoy writing (which is okay) but if you do I find that writing really helps me! Whether it’s a blog like this, a story, or a diary entry it’s nice to take your mind off things.
  6. Read – Reading is really good if you don’t want to think about something that’s getting you down and instead want to focus on fiction. I find it so hard to concentrate on reading when I’m feeling down but this is something I am working on.
  7. Exercise – I know everyone’s probably sick of being told to exercise when they feel down (I know I am) but if you can fit in something easy like yoga, you can do that in your room and you can do it for as little as 10 minutes. I have an app called Daily Yoga which is really good and has loads of short yoga practices that I can do. Alternatively, if you’re up for the gym or a run go for it!
  8. Open your curtains – This sounds a bit silly but when I’m sad I tend to stay in bed with my curtain closed for days and this ends up messing up my sleeping pattern. I find that if I open my curtain during the day and let in some sunlight I feel a bit better.
  9. Call someone you care about – What really helps me is a nice meaningful phone call with someone I care about. Although I’m not always up for phone calls, when I am they are really helpful.
  10. Or even message someone you care about – If you’re not up for a phone call, an online chat might help.
  11. Have a bath/Shower – Hygiene is easy to neglect when you’re feeling down, but having a bath or shower makes me feel really good and makes me in the mood to do something productive most of the time. I don’t have a bath at the moment in my student accommodation, but my new house has 2 baths so I know where I’ll be spending a lot of my time!
  12. Turn your phone off for a while – One of my main problems is how much time I spend on my phone, it’s definitely not good for me sometimes. What I need to start doing is spending at least an hour off my phone and focusing on something else.
  13. Tidy your room / living space – This definitely makes me feel better but does take me a while to convince myself to do sometimes, but I always feel better once it is done. Try by doing a small section at a time.
  14. Catch up on school/college/uni work – Being behind on work makes me so stressed and makes me feel so much worse. Having a few hours in a day to catch up on work, or even make a checklist of things I need to do for another day helps clear my head.
  15. Sleep – If you’ve had a hard time sleeping at night, do try to have a nap or get an early night the night after!
  16. Take your meds – If you’re on medication please remember to take them! This is so important but so easy to forget when you don’t even want to get out of bed.
  17. See your doctor – If you’ve been feeling low a lot more recently please book in to see a doctor to tell them how you’re feeling and to see if they can offer you more help.
  18. Cry – Sometimes a good cry really helps, especially if you’ve been supressing your emotions, but try not to let this last too long!
  19. Breathe – Try to calm yourself down if things are getting too much. Breathe deeply and slowly and give yourself time to relax. Some breathing exercises you can do is: breathing in for 7 seconds and out for 11 seconds, or breathing in for 4 seconds then holding for two seconds then breathing out for four seconds. Slowing down your breathing is really calming and does really help me when I’m panicking.
  20. Meditate – This helps with your breathing and helps you calm down. There are loads of meditation apps which can help you meditate if you’re new to it, or you can just do it your own way!
  21. Dance – Put on your favourite music and do some really funny silly dancing in your room. It’ll be nice to stretch your body and move around a little.
  22. Make some art – I’m personally not very good at drawing, but you don’t have to be to make some art. Make it as messy or as good as you want.
  23. Treat yourself – Spend some money on yourself if you can! It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, even buying your favourite chocolate bar is nice.
  24. Colouring – I have a few of those adult colouring books and they’re really calming to colour in when I feel stressed.
  25. Spend time with animals – Unfortunately I don’t have any pets, but I think spending time with animals is really fun and nice. If you have a pet, spend some time with them!
  26. Make a routine – It’s hard to stick with a routine when you’re feeling down, but making one and trying to stick with it as best as you can is really good. I’m not very good at this at the moment, but I’m trying.
  27. Make a self-care box – I read about these online and they’re boxes you can fill with comforting things for when you’re feeling low. People put in things like: facemasks, a childhood teddy, pictures, plasters, candles, snacks. Whatever you think might make you feel better.
  28. Spend time with family or friends– Not everyone gets along with their family, so your definition of family may be close friends, just spend time with people that make you happy!
  29. Get excited about the future – What do you have planned for the future? Holidays? Events? Festivals? A birthday? Whatever it is, allow yourself to look forward to it and don’t let how you’re feeling now make you forget about how excited you are.
  30. Organise a playlist  – I like spending time organising playlists, especially ones that will either calm me down or make me feel more energised / happier.
  31. Look at photos of good times – There’s an app called MyFreePrints where you can print off a certain amount of photos for free every month (you just have to pay postage) It’s nice having physical photos of happy times.
  32. Penpal! – I’ve joined this Facebook group called “Positive Penpals” so now I have a few penpals that I write to who also need some positivity in their lives. I’ve been sent a lot of happy quotes and lovely letters from my penpals. It’s a really nice thing to do.
  33. Visit home – If you live away from home, visiting home is such a nice thing to do if you’ve been away for a while.
  34. Do your makeup – I love doing my makeup and putting it on always makes me feel a bit better. Even if you’re not going anywhere, have a bit of an experiment with makeup or something!
  35. Have a cup of tea/coffee/any warm drink– Warm drinks are very comforting and relaxing. You can also get caffeine free versions for at night.
  36. Have a break from alcohol– Alcohol is one of those things that I love, but too much of it can be so bad for my mental health. And I know that is probably the same case for some people. Try to have a weekend free from alcohol and see if you feel any better.
  37. Use a hot water bottle – I also find this so comforting when I’m feeling down / lonely.
  38. Go food shopping– No one really enjoys food shopping, but when your fridge is getting a bit empty and you’re having super noodles 3 days in a row it is nice to treat yourself to more proper food.
  39. Work out your finances – Money causes me a lot of stress, so by working out how much money I have, what I need to spend and how much I can save (even though I’m rubbish at saving), I can relieve some of the money related stress.
  40. Start a money jar – You’ll thank yourself in a years time if you start putting away loose change in a money jar.
  41. Bake – Baking is so fun. You can get simple mixes that you just add eggs / milk to if you’re not so good at baking. Or you can bake from scratch.
  42. Say something nice to someone – Being nice to someone works so well because it makes them feel better AND it makes you feel better. Tell someone you care.
  43. Visit a museum or art gallery – These places are really good because they are peaceful and interesting (if you’re into that sorta thing!)
  44. Do something you’ve been meaning to do for a while – Whatever it is, putting it off won’t get it done. Try to do one thing you keep putting off and you’ll feel so much better after it.
  45. Watch some funny videos – There’s loads of funny videos on the internet, have a scroll down Facebook or look on YouTube.
  46. Watch some cute videos – Easy. Google: “Cute dog videos.” (Or whatever you find cute)
  47. Have a night out! – It is so easy to isolate yourself and to cancel plans, and that’s okay at times, but sometimes a night out with friends is what’s needed!
  48. Have a night in! – Or, if you’d prefer, organise a night in with friends. Watch some films or whatever you enjoy doing!
  49. Try to go to college/uni/work for a full week – I tend to skip Uni quite a lot when I’m feeling down, which just makes me so behind and ends up making me feel worse. Try to go in for a full week!
  50. Make a bucket list – This is something I need to do, but I think it’s good to provide motivation for things to do for the future, Especially when the future is seeming a bit scary to you.

I know some things don’t work for everyone, everyone has their own interests and their own things that work, but hopefully this list should be useful to some people. Whether it’s just one thing you try out, if I’ve helped in any way that would be amazing!

Please comment or let me know if there’s anything that helps you that I have missed off!

5 thoughts on “50 Self Care tips

  1. Peri says:

    These are all such amazing ideas!! ❤️ People find it so much easier to criticise themselves rather than think positively; sometimes if I’m feeling guilty or generally low I try and think of at least one thing I’m proud of myself for each day (it might feel cringey or uncomfortable but it can help you learn to be kinder to yourself)! It could literally even be that I managed to get out of bed and have a shower, or that I’ve acknowledged that I might not have been able to do what I wanted to that day but I’ve given myself a breather and not punished myself for how I’m feeling, etc. and this can help put me in a better headspace to get other things done or plan my day tomorrow!
    Sometimes if I’m feeling on edge or spaced out or something I try and remember the order of all the tram stops on my way to college, or keep adding random numbers together in my head to have something to focus on (you could literally do anything that forces you to only focus on that thing). It can help with trying to get to sleep too if you’re struggling to get random thoughts out of your head!
    Loving your blog btw and I’m so happy and proud of you!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • happyandhealing says:

      Love u peri! Yes trying to be proud of yourself for the little things is so important! And that’s a good idea trying to focus on something will defo try that out! Love u endlessly 💜💜💜


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